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3 Cool Birthday Party Activities And Games For Kids

Planning your child’s birthday party can be super hectic and draining. There are so many things you have to take into account and make sure that everything stays within your budget.  

Making your party fun for kids is the best way to make sure all your guests arrive and your child has a wonderful memory of the day. Children have so much energy and when they all collectively feel the birthday cake rush, you’re going to need to keep them busy!

Here are some activities and games that can keep kids engaged in the party:

Treasure Hunt

Make the kids feel like pirates with this fun game! Nothing like a scavenger hunt to keep kids guessing and busy for a good half hour. All you need are several little wrapped gifts and you can hide them at different locations at the venue. Then you can either tell the kids to go look for a certain number of items and whoever finds it gets to keep it. Or you can also make a map for them and divide them into teams and hand each team a map to look for the things.

Minute to win it

You can set up a relay of different tasks for kids to complete in under a minute. Like the popular television game show, set up a timer and give children in different times a minute to do a bunch of activities.

This can include different challenges like tying a tissue box with ping pong balls to the waist and asking them to empty it out in one go. Or you can put a cookie on their forehead and challenge them to move it to their mouths without using their hands.

Tug Of war

This is a classic game and a great test of strength as well. It’s hassle-free and you don’t have to arrange for much supplies either! Just make sure you make the children do this on a soft surface like grass or sand so there are not birthday party mishaps or injuries.

Make two teams and let them compete over who is stronger and can pull the other team fastest. Not only will children be using their energy in this activity, they are bound to have a blast. It’s a great way to teach kids about team work and healthy competition.

Want to make your birthday party even more fun? Fairy Castle Entertainment provides Birthday Party Organizer Miami for boys and girls. We have a variety of packages for our clients and provide all sorts of entertainment services and decorations for children.

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