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3 Ways To Stay within Your Budget When Planning Your Child’s Birthday

Organizing your kids’ birthday party can be stressful—especially when you’re on a budget. Luckily, kids’ parties don’t have to take away a chunk of your paycheck when you plan accordingly.

If you’re on a tight budget, use the tips below to arrange an awesome birthday party:

1. Get the Right Location

No matter what kind of party you’re organizing, the venue will always be your largest expense—your kid’s birthday party will be no different. Where you choose to have the party will determine how much or how little you end up spending. Picking a low-cost venue can help you save quite a bit of money.

Before you look into fast-food joints and other venues that let you host kids’ birthday parties, explore low-cost options. Is there enough space in your house to handle the number of guests you’ve invited? Can you convince a friend to let you host the party on their lawn?

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to host the party at a free location. Parks are another great location for kid’s birthday parties; they are available for free and offer plenty of space for kids to run around.

2. Keep a Check On the Food Budget

After the cost of the venue, your next big expense will be the food and cake you offer at the party. A slice of a custom-made cake can cost you anywhere from $3.50-$5.50 per slice; for a party of just 15 guests, you can spend $50-$80 on just the cake.

Take advantage of coupons and deals on websites to save on food. Set a time limit for your party so you don’t have to feed hungry kids all day. Parents will likely accompany their kids to the party so you’ll have food for them too. A combination of finger food and filling snacks are the best way to go for a child’s birthday party.

Look into several options before you decide where you’re getting the food from. If you’re still pushing your budget then consider making the snacks yourself.

3. Find Budget-Friendly Party Planners

Contrary to what many parents believe, hiring party planners can be cheaper than arranging everything yourself. Without a party planner, you’re going to have to figure out activities for the party yourself or hire individual entertainers.

Party planning companies have a list of entertainers they work with. Experienced entertainers know how to energize kids and keep them busy with fun activities so there’s never a dull moment at a party! Party planners can also set up the décor, music, and photographers depending on much you’re willing to spend.

Working with party planners saves you time and effort and you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Fairy Castle Entertainment in Miami offers a range of packages for kids’ Birthday party planner Miami. They arrange giant bubble shows, entertainers from popular kids’ movies, Comedy Magic Show Miami and fun decorations to give your child an unforgettable birthday party. Contact them for more information.

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