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4 Ways To Stay within Your Budget When Planning A Birthday Party


As parents, we’ve seen days when the budget is too tight to eat out or go to the movies with the kids. This can be a gradual strain on your quality of life, especially if there’s an important occasion coming up, like a birthday.

Your kid’s birthday is the most important date of the year and you know it. There’s no way you can dodge this one because of budget constraints. Without a cake, presents and a birthday cap, birthday celebrations are incomplete.

Even if you’re low on cash, you need to plan something for your kid. Or face the consequences for the rest of the year!

Here are some budget-friendly ideas for you to work with.

Hold a Day Event

An evening affair is always more extravagant and expensive! Be it the lighting, cuisine or décor—everything costs more when you’re planning dinner. This is a lesser-known fact but professionals who’re in this business know why it’s so.

You can cut down on your utility bills by arranging something outdoor. Choosing a backyard as your venue can help you save up on extra lighting. It has the added benefit of offering a pleasant environment for a party.

The greenery and flowers can compensate for any lack of event décor. Just put up a few balloons and ribbons and it’ll be all set for a birthday party!


Limit the Menu

A day event is particularly inexpensive because you don’t have to plan and pay for an extensive three-course meal. It could easily pass as brunch with some light snacks and a drink to go with it.

If it’s a birthday party for your kid, you don’t even need full meals because kids usually like something they can munch on easily without having to sit down in one place.

Go with food items that are economical and appetizing. Sandwiches, patties, tarts and cupcakes are a few feasible options. It’s best to invest more in a cake of your kid’s choice than waste money on different varieties of food.

You don’t have to get a multi-tiered cake; a single-tiered cake would be enough to make them happy!

Splurge on the Needful

Regardless of your budget, you might want to splurge on a few things just because it’s your kid’s birthday! Our advice would be to be wise about where and how you spend.

Don’t spend on excessive decorations and food because kids don’t care much for them anyway. Use a major chunk of your funds to buy the birthday boy/girl gifts that they like.

Be it the new PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, put your money toward something that will stay with them.

Or if this is unaffordable, go with entertainment options at the party that they’ll love. Magic shows can be the highlight of their party! Invest in something they’ll like because you know your child best.

Use E-Vites

If you’re a crafty person, you’d appreciate aesthetically pleasing birthday invites. But getting them printed and sending them to guests can cost you a lot. Instead, use e-vites.

Use social media to send out invitations for your kid’s birthday party. And there’s no end to the creative tools available to you while designing an e-card.

Creating a Facebook event will also allow you to keep track of who has RSVP-ed your event.

We’re one of the best birthday party planners in Miami and we know how to work within small budgets. We can plan a birthday bash to remember!

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