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Bring Exciting Entertainment To Your Parties With Us


Planning a party and wondering where you’ll get the perfect themed decorations from? Wish you could have some entertainment at the party? Fairy Castle Entertainment takes care of all that for you. Providing top-notch family entertainment in Miami for over 5 years, we’re known for our quality services that cater to every member of your family.


With over 10 different shows and services, there’s something to keep everyone entertained. Give your guests a fun experience with our Foam Parties or get them laughing with our Comedy Magic Show. Our Crazy Science Show amazes the younger audiences with educational entertainment while our giant bubble show is a hit with the kids.


Fairy Castle Entertainment’s services include mascots, face painting, clowns, and your children’s favorite characters. There’s so much to enjoy!


The next time you’re planning a party, get in touch with us and we’ll take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy the magical party you hosted.


Dog Show

This is a special Circus Dog Show with 9 funny and very entertaining dogs. These dogs know how to climb stairs, perform somersaults, and other uniquely designed family tricks.

Our fluffy artists interact with the audience during the show.

Also, we provide our funny dogs for a photo shoot - public cameras, after the show. This is a very positive and useful experience with animals.

At the end of the show, we give viewers twisting balloons, the shape of poodles. Which makes your event especially bright and colorful.



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Comedy Magic Show

Our Magic shows are designed for any occasions and any location, Perth room, in the park, at your house.We provide best Magic shows for kids and adults of all ages with the same quality services and professional performers turning your event into a magical celebration. Incredible interactive Magic Show GUARANTEED 100 %! Your event will be unforgettable with our Magic Show! Fun time to each Magic Show to make your child's party or special event a dream come true!

  • 30 minutes from $400

  • 45 minutes from $450



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Foam Cubes Party

The  foam cubes is the best idea for your children party entertainment! Our company provide a  pit full of foam cubes for your party with the character to make your event absolutely unique


The price includes 1 character for 1 hour 



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Crazy Science Show

A spectacular science-themed show designed to amaze and entertain young audiences of any size.

Educational and entertaining

Spectacular and Highly interactive!

A hands-on activity where the children take home what they create!

  • 30 Minutes $ 350

  • 45 Minutes $ 450




Giant bubble Show

 Kids absolutely LOVE IT!

Big Bubbles are the most incredible part of the parties Parties and kids love them. Our bubble show combines the visual excitement of giant bubbles with fun education and hands-on activities. Kids and adults will try to make incredible bubbles!

  • $350 for 30 minutes( doesn't include a person inside of the bubble)

  • $400 for 30 minutes( does include a person inside of the bubble up to 15 people)

  • $450 for 45 minutes ( does include a person inside of the bubble up to 25 people)

  • $ 500 for 45 minutes ( does include a person inside of the bubble up to 15 people)




Paper Show

It's a culmination point of your event, the explosion of emotions! The fireworks from paper will twirl in a whirlwind, and the stream of the confetti over the head will involve children and adults in the impetuous fun.

It's the most creative of all possible entertaining projects. 

The confetti and streamers show will leave a pleasant and memorable moment,

And also will present a huge number of positive emotions and very bright impressions.

  • 30 minutes $400

  • 45 minutes $ 450




Surprise Show

You will meet " Mrs.Mystery" who will bring boxes with mysterious "collection". The boxes are packed various that they also do not know what is inside, and who or what will jump out of a box this time. And what is in the following box? There could be bubbles, confetti, magic or animals, balloons and even mystery smock! An intrigue, curiosity, and joy of new opening – here that gives to the guests of the show. All unknown is such cheerful and not so dangerous! This show combining of fun and joy! We put together a magic show, fun, bubble show, cute and funny animals, smock with dry ice, confetti, balloons, jokes, games, dance, and balloon twisting!

the party will be 1 hour and includes 1 character

( the time for set up will be up to 2 hours)




Petting Zoo and Pony rides

Kids love all animals and ponies, this is a wonderful to have such an amazing opportunity to have them at your private party!  We have many different animals up to 20 ! Each one is a special living creature. When children hold and pet them  they learn about compassion and caring.

Memorable your party!



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Wax Hands

Waxed Hands artists specialize in making life casting sculptures using MELTED

This process is safe and enjoyable for anyone, any age.  It only takes about 2 minutes for a Waxed Hands artists to guide you through the interesting experience of sculpting your hand into melted wax.   

Waxed Hands brings the fun to you with experienced Waxed Hands Artists along with there portable wax melting units!

The process is still safe for anyone, any age!
(even dogs and cats😊)  

the price is

for 2 hours $1200

for 3 hours $1500



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During the birthday celebration, your girl and her friends can have the beauty salon with the professional makeup artists ready to come to the rescue of little beauties. Your girls will feel the real stars. It is a great choice if there is a wish to surprise little girls of fashion pleasantly! Stylists will do girls hair and delightful make-up. Glitter tattoos,

make-up with rhinestones and other interesting technologies are used.

​ $40 per girl, min $400

Beauty salon



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Mmmm… there's nothing quite like cotton candy. The sweet treat looks like a cloud and tastes like all kinds of goodness

-up to 20 kids for 1 hour

every additional child $5

Cotton Candy



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SENSATION!!!Our NEW Foam Party is a wet and wild way to PLAY in FOAM! and ITS VERY EASY TO CLEAN UP

ITS VERY NEW AND UNIQUE SHOW, and it's 💯 % fun guaranteed !!!

Our FOAM Party will make your party unforgettable! We’ll fill your backyard, playground or sport court up to four feet deep with our allergy-free, zero clean-up, environmentally friendly foam. You and your guests have never seen anything like it and they’ll LOVE it!

  • Foam party $800 first 2 hours, every additional hour will be $400

  • min order 2 hours

Foam Show



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Glitter tattoos, face painting and twisting balloons are the perfect addition to any event: Birthday Parties, Company picnics,

Block Parties, Holiday Parties, etc...

  • 1 hour Face painting is $200( up to 10 kids)

  •  1 hour glitter tattoos and twisting balloon up to 20 kids)

  •   every additional hour will be $150

Glitter tattoos, Twisting balloons and face painting



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